Spinal Cord Society

19051 County Hwy. 1
Fergus Falls, MN


About Spinal Cord Society

The Spinal Cord Society is a non-profit organization whose members include individuals with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, and scientists and physicians who are dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord paralysis through improved treatment and research. Established in 1978, the society is a grassroots organization linked by over 200 chapters and more than 4,000 members throughout the United States and around the world. It society raises funds for medical research, promotes citizen advocacy, and provides appropriate referrals to treatment and support. The Spinal Cord Society has been instrumental in establishing civilian research conferences and research/treatment centers for spinal cord injury. Other projects include pioneering computerized walking technology for such injuries; artificial bone substitutes; autologous cell transplants (transplants to the spinal cord of cells cultured from the patient’s own body); and regeneration research. The Spinal Cord Society also publishes a monthly newsletter.