Swedish Hemophilia Society

Box 1386 172 27 Sundbyberg


About Swedish Hemophilia Society

The Swedish Hemophilia Society (FBIS) is a non-profit organization for individuals affected by hemophilia in Sweden. Hemophilia is a group of hereditary bleeding disorders characterized by deficiency of one of the blood factors necessary for blood clotting (coagulation). Affected individuals may experience bleeding episodes that occur for no apparent reason or due to surgery, dental extractions, or injuries. Recurrent bleeding into the joints and muscles may cause painful inflammation of the joints (arthritis) and associated deformities. The Swedish Hemophilia Society, which was established in 1964, currently serves as an umbrella organization consisting of eight local societies. The FBIS disseminates information and provides assistance to these local societies. The Swedish Hemophilia Society has several primary objectives, including informing the general public, the community, and governmental institutions about hemophilia disease and improving the quality of life of affected individuals by arranging conferences and meetings where current issues are discussed. The society offers several programs and services, including providing summer and winter camps for affected children and youths, and recreation trips that provide physical training opportunities.