Trisomy 9 International Parent Support (9TIPS)

4027 E. Piedmont Drive
Highland, CA


About Trisomy 9 International Parent Support (9TIPS)

The Trisomy 9 International Parent Support (9TIPS) is a non-profit group of parents dedicated to assisting families who have children with trisomy 9. Chromosomal disorders included are trisomy 9p, trisomy 9 mosaic, trisomy 9q, partial trisomy 9, and other complex chromosomal abnormalities involving extra chromosomal material from chromosome 9. The organization offers an international mutual parent support network for the purposes of information exchange and emotional support. The network also informs parents of any medical professionals who are familiar with these rare chromosomal disorders. Members may participate in the 9TIPS Listserv email list. The contact for that list is [email protected]