Volunteer Center, Inc.

115 E. Jefferson
Syracuse, NY


About Volunteer Center, Inc.

The Volunteer Center, Inc. (VCI) is a non-profit human service agency that recruits and trains volunteers for services and agencies in Onondaga and Syracuse Counties and runs its own human services for people to utilize. Since 1934, the Volunteer Center, Inc. has worked to promote the use of volunteers in human services, to offer information, referrals, and resources to people looking for special services or aids within the community, and to improve the availability and delivery of these services in Onondaga County. Volunteer Center, Inc. coordinates and staffs many programs and services, including the Victim Advocate Program, a Victim-Witness Assistance Center, a Telephone Life Line, Helpline, numerous Volunteer Programs for teenagers, retired senior citizens, and corporations, and the Foster Care Youth Independence Project. Volunteer Center, Inc. also runs support groups, offers a networking service, and publishes informational brochures. The Center maintains a list of volunteers who act as interpreters for people who do not speak English.