NORD Creates Rare Disease Patient & Caregiver Resource Center

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One of NORD most popular resources is the Rare Disease Database. In any given month, 80% of the traffic to the website goes to one of NORD’s Rare Disease Reports. Many years ago, before the Internet, these online reports were printed and mailed to patients and caregivers. Now, in 2018, NORD offers webinars, videos, fact sheets and other resources in addition to the reports.

As a patient or caregiver, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to find these useful resources on the NORD website when you need them. To help make finding what you need a bit easier, NORD has created a Patient and Caregiver Resource Center.

The Resource Center includes links to educational videos and webinars as well as information on financial support, advocacy, fact sheets, and more.

“NORD has a wealth of information for the rare disease community, and we want to ensure that you can access it in one place,” explains Sika Dunyoh, NORD’s Director of Education Programs. “The Patient and Caregiver Resource Center is a one- stop shop to many of the helpful resources we provide to the 30 million people with rare diseases and their families.”

NORD will add as new resources as they are developed.

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