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Openings from Member Organizations

NORD’s membership is comprised of a diverse array of patient organizations. Currently we have 280 members who together represent hundreds of diseases. NORD supports these member organizations in a multitude of ways, including listing their job openings on our website. Please see below for current job openings from our member organizations.

National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association (NTSAD) is looking to hire a passionate, experienced, and inspiring Executive Director to lead the organization in this unprecedented time of progress and hope. The landscape for the patient community is rapidly evolving with increased and promising drug development activity. NTSAD’s next Executive Director will have the opportunity to navigate this exciting chapter, as clinical trials are underway for the first time, providing the tremendous potential to modify the course of these life-threatening and debilitating diseases. Learn more.

The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) Coordinating Center at Harvard Medical School is looking for a Nonprofit Consultant to play a key role in leading the strategic and operational planning process for a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) in support of the UDN. After plans are in place, the Nonprofit Consultant will oversee the incorporation of the nonprofit in collaboration with UDN clinicians, investigators, staff, and patient representatives. The Nonprofit Consultant will also be responsible for building strategic partnerships, preliminary staffing, fundraising, and expansion. This individual may have the opportunity to move into the Executive Director role of the newly formed nonprofit. Learn more.

TargetCancer Foundation is seeking an Associate Director of Research to join a small and focused team that is dedicated to developing initiatives that deliver patient impact while simultaneously driving rare cancer research forward. Learn more.

The Research Fellow is a key member of TMS staff, interacting with and supporting patients to advance patient-centered research efforts and develop written pieces that advances the organization’s strategic priorities. The Research Fellow’s primary responsibilities include:

Evaluate, analyze, and report results of interdisciplinary patient-centered research designed to provide a greater understanding of mast cell disease that may lead to enhanced health, clinical trials, and better quality of life outcomes.
Effectively translate and communicate research results and develop patient resources for patients and caregivers, including visual elements and simplified language that is easily understood and culturally competent.
Conduct team-based patient-centered research to develop physician database and develop productive collaborations with physicians, scientists from universities, industry, government and other stakeholders.
Learn more about the Role here.

atient education and support programs is vital for success in meeting our mission at TMS. Education is produced and delivered by multiple avenues including live and online learning, video, live and recorded education and programs. The Director of Patient Programs is responsible for leading the overall programmatic delivery of education and learning to our community for maximum impact. Reporting to the Executive Director and working closely with the Board of Directors and volunteers, the Director is responsible for the overall health communication activity, and education of patients. The Director will develop and implement appropriate strategies and methods to facilitate mast cell disease content and resources for a diverse audience of mast cell disease families and physicians across the country in order to help TMS fulfill our mission. Learn more about the Role here.

NTSAD (National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association) is hiring their first Director of Clinical and Research Initiatives to engage with key stakeholders and focus on the discovery and development of treatments, diagnostics and technologies for Tay-Sachs, Canavan, GM1 gangliosidosis and Sandhoff diseases. Learn More.