About International Mesenteric Panniculitis Society

The International Mesenteric Panniculitis Society (IMPS) is an online support group for patients and family members of people suffering from rare forms of mesenteric inflammation known as mesenteric panniculitis, mesenteric lipodystrophy, sclerosing mesenteritis and retractile mesenteritis. These are possible subgroups of a very rare condition that is characterized by chronic inflammation, sometimes with associated fibrosis of the connective tissue within the abdominal cavity. It is often linked with debilitating abdominal pain, weight loss, fever, nausea and vomiting and abnormal bowel habits. Only about 300 cases have been described in the medical literature at present. IMPS consists of an online Yahoo user group with open communication and feedback from members with these conditions. They have a physician advisor with a great deal of experience with the condition that will give additional information when appropriate for the dialogue. Several other healthcare providers who have dealt with mesenteric panniculitis are members as well.