Neutropenia Support Association, Inc.

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About Neutropenia Support Association, Inc.

The Neutropenia Support Association, Inc., (NSAI) is a voluntary charity dedicated to increasing the awareness and understanding of neutropenia. Cyclic neutropenia is a rare blood disorder characterized by episodes of abnormally low levels of certain white blood cells called neutrophils; recurrent infections with fever usually occur as a result of this finding. Chronic neutropenia is a blood disorder in which bone marrow does not produce sufficient numbers of neutrophils; affected individuals are typically more susceptible to recurring infections from fungus and bacteria. Chronic neutropenia may last for months or years, and it can affect both children and adults. NSAI was founded in Canada in 1989. Its services are geared for affected individuals, families, and the medical community, and include genetic counseling, support groups, public and professional education, an international disease registry, networking opportunities, and advocacy. NSAI also maintains an “Information Library,” operates a toll-free hotline, produces audio-visual aids and publishes a periodic newsletter and informational brochures. Brochures include “Neutropenia: Causes, Consequences, and Care” and “Chemotherapy and Neutropenia.”