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May. 2, 2022


Lara Allen: Henderson, Nevada

Posted by Sean Roberts

My daughter was diagnosed with occult tethered spinal cord, which is very rare. Because of telehealth, we were able to have a consultation with a leading neurosurgeon in Rhode Island during the pandemic, then follow up visits after surgery from our home in Las Vegas. This saved us thousands of dollars and allowed my daughter to have her spine surgery from an expert in that specific field. We also had telehealth visits with specialists at Mayo Clinic for her postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and mast cell activation syndrome, and with a specialist for craniocervical instability in New York City. The specialist we saw in New York did all our consultations by telehealth videoconferencing which was wonderful. We only had to fly from our home in Las Vegas to New York once for the testing and surgery. The same thing happened for my daughter’s occult tethered spinal cord surgery, and we just flew to Rhode Island for the surgery; all the other visits were by telehealth. It saved us so much money, and she was able to be treated by the top neurosurgeons in these fields. It has improved her quality of life so much to be able to consult experts by telehealth for her rare diseases.