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May. 2, 2022


Paula Moutard: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Posted by Sean Roberts

I have two stories- myself: A rare lung infection that couldn’t be cured with antibiotics, so I lost the upper lobe of my left lung, only to get a similar infection in the lower left lobe. And my grandson: he was born with a mutation in the Bcap 31 gene, which leaves him hearing and visually impaired, no muscle strength or control and a host of other difficulties. I also have a niece who has Angelman syndrome, but it goes along with the other rare diseases that we deal with just in my family alone. Telehealth services are so vital, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but always- I feel so much safer when I do not have to be exposed to others if it’s not necessary, and I can speak to specialists and experts regarding my care from home without having to travel.