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Rare Disaster Response

From hurricanes to flooding to drought, extreme weather events have a considerable and lasting effect on the daily lives of America’s residents and communities. And so, NORD is calling for urgent, additional support for rare disease patients impacted by natural disasters and weather emergencies.

Every year, the emergency, environmental challenges that we face are significantly heightened and more burdensome for rare disease patients and their families. From reduced access to care and treatment, to more demanding or limited mobility, and to impaired or damaged lodging that they cannot themselves repair, rare patients can be especially vulnerable to lasting disruptions during a weather emergency.

These rare patients – who already face significant daily challenges – desperately need your support in times of increased crisis. The money you donate will mitigate the health and safety risks faced by rare individuals and their families at a most critical hour.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to NORD today. Your contribution will directly assist our community with disaster relief and disease state specific support. For more information on NORD’s relief programs, click here.

If you have any questions about your donation, please contact us at (617) 249-7300 or at [email protected].


The National Organization for Rare Disorders
Attn: Department 5930
P.O. Box 4110
Woburn, MA 01888

Please include your credit card information or your check/money order made out to: The National Organization for Rare Disorders.

About NORD’s Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Relief Fund

Provides financial assistance to those who are diagnosed with a rare disease and are impacted by natural disasters, covering expenses such as:

  • unexpected utility costs
  • physician–prescribed medical devices
  • emergency repairs on medical devices (scooters, batteries, lifts for vehicles for wheelchairs or scooters, etc.)
  • emergency automotive repairs
  • temporary emergency lodging.