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Department of Human Genetics/Cri du Chat

a/k/a: VCU-MCV Human Genetics


Medical College of Virginia
P.O. Box 980033
Richmond, VA 23298





800 Number




The Department of Human Genetics/Cri du Chat is a clinical facility at Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia. Established in 1982, the Department of Human Genetics/Cri du Chat provides genetic counseling, information, and support to families with children affected by chromosomal disorders, particularly Cri du Chat Syndrome. Cri du Chat Syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder in which a portion of the short arm (p) of chromosome 5 is deleted (monosomic). Symptoms and physical characteristics associated with the disorder may include a weak, "kitten like" cry during infancy; low birth weight; an abnormally small head; widely spaced eyes; low-set, malformed ears; congenital heart defects; severe mental retardation; and/or additional abnormalities. The Department of Human Genetics/Cri du Chat also provides a booklet on Cri du Chat Syndrome.

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