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Archives for: October 7th, 2020

Telehealth: From Bogeyman to Clinical Practice

Written by Valaree DonFrancesco on October 7, 2020

On today’s show, our time’s enduring topic — No, not COVID, but it does make a distinct and necessary cameo on the show — No, we’re talking about Telehealth. Telemedicine. Tele–all the things. Perhaps even the telephone when required. Joining us are Dr. Natasha Shur, Medical… Read More

Nebraska Medicaid Expansion Is Progress for Rare Disease Patients, Highlights Critical Need to Support Medicaid During COVID-19

Written by Corinne Alberts on October 1, 2020

Today, Nebraska’s Medicaid expansion begins to take effect. This milestone—two years in the making—means that thousands more low-income people, including many who have a rare disease, now have access to health care coverage.

Nebraska is the latest in the long line of successful ballot initiatives to expand Medicaid. Since the… Read More