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Archives for: July 31st, 2020

Head of the Herd: Seth Rotberg, Co-founder, Our Odyssey

Written by Laura Mullen on July 31, 2020

At the head of the herd is… Seth Rotberg, Co-Founder, Our Odyssey

Seth most frequently checks his… Twitter or Instagram accounts

Seth advocates for… Young adults between the ages of 18 – 35 living with a rare disease or chronic condition

Seth is located in… Boston, Massachusetts

How Seth got here… When I was… Read More

Living Rare, Living Stronger NORD Patient & Family Forum

Written by Lisa Sencen on June 21, 2019


Join NORD this June for a very special gathering of people living with rare diseases, and the medical professionals working to help improve their lives. Patients and families will gain insights and practical tools through educational sessions and discussions created just for… Read More