Adult Medical Genetics Program, University of Colorado

12700 East 19th Avenue
Aurora, CO


About Adult Medical Genetics Program, University of Colorado

The Adult Medical Genetics Program (AMGP) at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center has an Adult Genetic Clinic that cares for patients and families with genetic disorders. They also conduct research studies and have an educational outreach program that consists of various lectures provided to health professionals and the lay community. AMGP is also involved in the training of residents and genetic counseling students. Their Danon disease website is an educational resource for patients and families affected by Danon disease. Danon disease is a rare genetic disorder characterized by an X-linked dominant inheritance pattern, as a result of which males are more severely affected than females. Among boys, the key features are diseased heart muscle (cardiomyopathy), weakness of the body muscles (skeletal myopathy) and intellectual disability ranging from mild learning problems to mental retardation. In many males, the disease progresses until a heart transplant is required or death occurs in the second to third decade of life. Females are also affected, although usually more mildly, and often onset is delayed until they reach adulthood.