Sports and Fitness Fundraisers

Sports and fitness fundraisers are a highly effective way to generate donations for NORD and to grow awareness for the rare disease community. From NORD-sponsored programs to DIY fundraising, there are so many ways to get moving and get involved!

NORD Running for Rare®

Runners join together with community partners to raise awareness for rare diseases. The funds raised support NORD’s mission to help improve the lives and well-being of people living with rare diseases and their families.

The community component of the teams is what makes Running for Rare so unique. Each runner pairs with a partner (patient, advocate, or other) and builds a relationship throughout their training leading up to race day. This helps inspire runners throughout the year to run, walk, swim, or bike their way to the finish line. Equally important, it each partner a platform to tell their story, raise awareness, find support, and connect with those going through similar challenges.

The team is looking for patients and families who are interested in working together to make a difference on behalf of the over 7,000 rare diseases and the 25-30 million Americans impacted by them.

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Running for Rare – Anywhere

Everyone, no matter where you are, is welcome to join in a run or engage in an activity while raising funds for NORD. We’ve made it simple and enjoyable for you to contribute to NORD’s incredible mission of advancing public policy, expediting research, and enhancing care for individuals with rare diseases. So come on board and be part of this amazing journey!

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