Help with Rare Disease

Whether you need help getting a diagnosis, finding resources to assist in finding a specialist, finding a clinical trial, paying medical bills, or affording drugs, NORD is here.

  • We provide resources, rare disease information, and ways to get involved.
  • With our network of members, advocates, and partners, we make critical connections and work to make an impact for every person with a rare disease.

Find Rare Disease Resources

Our Resource Library contains resources to assist with meeting your needs and answering questions, wherever you are in your journey and no matter where you live. You can search by topic or by state.

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Rare Disease Information

Events and programs

We provide events and programs to help the more than 30 million people living with rare diseases, as well as their families and caregivers. We help people who are undiagnosed and searching for a medical diagnosis.

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Financial Support

If you need help paying for your medical bills, NORD may be able to help. If you are traveling to a treatment center or clinical trial, we may be able to assist. We offer support for caregivers through our Caregiver Respite Program.

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