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About About Madelungs

The About Madelung’s (AM) was established in 2003 as a connecting point for anyone dealing with this extremely rare condition. It was once thought there were only 600 cases in the conditions over 2500 year history, but we know that those numbers can’t have been right, there are about 50 known US cases today, and many more cases of related conditions such as HIV lipodystrophy, Dercum’s disease, and multiple familial lipomatosis. The mission of About Madelung’s is the same as it has always been, a point of contact and a source of recent information for anyone dealing with this baffling and complicated condition. About Madelung’s has already accomplished three goals 1) Debunking the almost mythical stereotypes about this condition, 2) Identifying more cases in patients who were previously undiagnosed or incorrectly diagnosed, and 3) Making sure that no one has to deal with this condition alone.