Pathfinder Parent Center

1015 S Broadway,
Suite 42
Minot, ND


About Pathfinder Parent Center

The Pathfinder Parent Center (ND), Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the building of partnerships through which the education of children and youth with physical, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities are enhanced. Established in 1989 and currently consisting of approximately 215 members, Pathfinder Parent Center supports the concept of partnerships, coordinated efforts, and cooperation as the foundations from which a collective voice speaks for children, families, and professionals who–by circumstance or personal choice–teach and share in the provision of services for children and youth with disabilities in North Dakota. Pathfinder Parent Center is committed to several principles that guide its mission, goals, and activities. Its members and staff believe that children and young adults with disabilities benefit most from educational programs when they are supported by parents and educators with knowledge of special education laws and procedures; that integration to the maximum extent possible is the prerequisite to equality, equal opportunity, and a higher standard and quality of life for all; and that transition is an ongoing process of planning and preparation that begins at birth, progresses to adulthood, and includes preparation for independent living, vocational training, employment opportunities, and successful integration to community living in adulthood. Pathfinder Parent Center’s Parent Training and Information (PTI) Program provides training and information to parents to enable them to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the educational needs of children with disabilities. PTI projects enable parents to better understand the nature and needs of their children’s conditions; provide follow-up support for the educational programs of their children; and obtain information about the programs, services, and resources available to their children. In addition, such projects help parents to communicate more effectively with special and regular educators, administrators, related services personnel, and other relevant professionals and to participate in educational decision-making processes including the development of their children’s Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Pathfinder Services of ND provides a broad range of educational resource materials defining conditions of disability and offers information on laws and regulations, health care, and specific national and professional organizations. In addition, the organization has a video and book library including information on specific disabilities, social and behavioral skills, developmental stages, and best approaches for establishing parent support groups. Videos within the library have formats for parents, parent groups, educators, and related service personnel.