Thyroid Foundation of Canada

P.O. Box 298
Bath ON K0H 1G0

About Thyroid Foundation of Canada

The Thyroid Foundation of Canada (TFC) was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organization in response to the needs of affected individuals and their families for more information and support on all forms of thyroid diseases. Thyroid diseases are a group of disorders of the thyroid gland typically involving overactivity of the thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or underactivity of the thyroid (hypothyroidism). TFC has 22 chapters and 4,200 members. The aims of the foundation are to increase public interest in, and awareness of, thyroid diseases; lend moral support to individuals and families affected by thyroid disease; and assist in fundraising for thyroid disease research. TFC publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled “Thyrobulletin” and other patient-directed educational material. In addition, it conducts public education meetings with medical experts, and raises funds for thyroid disease research.