Fanconi Hope

About Fanconi Hope

The Fanconi Hope is a registered national charitable trust set up by parents of Fanconi anemia (FA) affected children and clinicians with an interest in FA. Fanconi anemia is a rare genetic disorder that affects young children leading to bone marrow failure and bone marrow transplantation, with a very high risk of leukemia and subsequent head & neck cancers. Fanconi Hope Charitable Trust�s mission includes supporting a UK Fanconi Anemia National Registry so as to ensure Fanconi anemia affected children and their families are kept track of and provided with the best care; promoting awareness and understanding of Fanconi anemia among affected families, the medical profession, and the general public; encouraging translational research which may directly benefit Fanconi anemia affected children and their families; encouraging research in the area of Fanconi anemia that may have benefit for the general public, e.g., in the treatment of cancers in general.

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