Rare Cancer Coalition: Fighting Rare Cancers

The Rare Cancer Coalition, formalized in 2017 as a program under the NORD Membership umbrella, unites advocacy organizations working in rare cancers to collaborate on issues facing their communities.

Our Goals

To eliminate the challenges faced by people affected by rare cancers through:

  • Publications and medical education
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Global awareness through campaigns such as #RareCancerDay
  • Representation at major conferences and events
  • Collaborative networking, peer-to-peer mentoring, and capacity building

Click here to read our accomplishments or contact us to learn more.

Rare Cancer Day

Rare Cancer Day is an annual awareness day devoted to shining a light on rare cancers and the issues people living with them face. Rare Cancer Day is celebrated on September 30th.

Facts & Figures

  • The 5-year survival rate is lower for people living with a rare cancer than those diagnosed with a more common cancer.
  • Approximately 1 in 5 Americans living with cancer are diagnosed with a rare cancer.
  • The Coalition is composed of NORD Member Organizations supporting rare cancer patients. To join, learn more about NORD membership.