International Association for the Study of Pain

IASP Secretariat
Washington, DC


About International Association for the Study of Pain

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is a non-profit interdisciplinary professional organization dedicated to fostering and encouraging research of pain mechanisms and pain syndromes and helping to improve the management and care of patients with acute and chronic pain by bringing together basic scientists, physicians, and other health professionals of various disciplines and backgrounds who have interest in pain research and management. Established in 1973 and currently consisting of approximately 6,400 members in over 80 countries, IASP promotes education and training in pain mechanisms and treatment; promotes the formation of national associations for the study and treatment of pain; encourages the adoption of a uniform classification, nomenclature, and definition regarding pain and pain syndromes; advises international, national, and regional agencies of standards relating to the use of drugs, appliances, and other procedures in the therapy of pain; and informs the general public of results and implications of current research in pain mechanisms and management. IASP sponsors scientific meetings and publishes newsletters, technical bulletins, the journal “Pain,” and a variety of books.

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