Living Bank International

P.O. Box 6725
Houston, TX


About Living Bank International

The Living Bank International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of organ and tissue donor ship and transplantation. Established in 1968, Living Bank International works toward its goal of motivating and facilitating organ and tissue donations so that no one must die or suffer for lack of a donation. The functions of the Living Bank include educating the public regarding the donation and utilization of organs and tissues; providing international donor commitment and automated registration services; and providing an information center to support appropriate agencies in the maximum utilization of donated organs and tissues. Programs include the Donor Education Program, which develops public service messages and supplies information for articles, newspapers, magazines, radio and television shows; the Local Living Banker Program, which recruits volunteers from all across America to work in the communities; and the Corporate and Association Program in which leaders of large national corporations are approached to encourage their employees and their families to register.