Pacific Southwest Regional Genetics Network

Calif. Dept. of Health Services
Berkeley, CA


About Pacific Southwest Regional Genetics Network

The Pacific Southwest Regional Genetics Network (PSRGN) is a consortium of genetics providers and consumers from the states of California, Hawaii, and Nevada. The organization consists of medical professionals, genetic consumers, health educators, and health policy advocates who have expressed an interest in medical genetics. PSRGN is one of ten federally funded regional genetics networks in the United States. The goals of the organization are to identify, improve and promote: the quality and quantity of clinical genetic services in the three state region; access to and use of quality genetic services; resource sharing, technical assistance, and training for genetic professionals in the delivery of genetic services; genetic laboratory quality assurance in the region; reimbursement for genetic services meeting professional standards; data collection on genetic disorders and services; needs for genetic services; consumer participation in network programs; public and professional education about genetic disorders and services; and cultural sensitivity of genetic services. Consisting of 2,600, PSRGN publishes a bi-annual newsletter, Genetically Speaking, to facilitate current information topics related to genetics and public health. Other materials produced by the organization include a brochure entitled “Questions You May Have for Your Genetic Specialist,” and various audio-visual aids. The organization also provides referrals for genetic services throughout its region, holds educational conferences, develops informational brochures, and establishes guidelines on issues pertaining to genetics services.