Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc.

402 Jackson Street
Saint Charles, MO


About Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc.

The Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc. is a voluntary, non-denominational, non-profit organization whose mission is to serve those families whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life. The organization’s primary purpose is to provide support toward positive resolution of grief experienced at the time of, or following, the death of a baby. This support encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual and social healing, as well as sustaining the family unit. The secondary purpose is to provide information, education and resources on the rights of bereaved parents and siblings. The objective is to aid those in the community including family, friends, employers and members of the congregations, caregivers, and others in their supportive role.