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Sep. 15, 2021


Sturm and Drang: One Disabled Journalist’s Story

Posted by Valaree DonFrancesco

Kicking off Season 3 of NORDpod, I am joined by Karina Sturm, a disabled journalist, blogger, author, and filmmaker who tries to connect with chronically ill people around the world and spread the word about Ehlers-Danios Syndrome and other chronic illnesses. From giving up her job as a research associate in 2010 to cashing out her life savings to come to the US for better care, Karina has managed to adapt her life around her symptoms and is the accidental advocate you need to hear to know. Through a necessary pivot to journalism, Karina is now one of the most vocal rare disease activists around, and her blog, “Holy Shit I Am Sick,” is read by thousands. Her must-watch film, “We Are Visible,” is so multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed, there’s an endless scroll of credits on the homepage. This is how you advocate. Enjoy our conversation.

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