American Association of Immunologists

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About American Association of Immunologists

The American Association of Immunologists (AAI) is a medical professional association dedicated to advancing knowledge of immunology and related disciplines, fostering the exchange of ideas and information among specialists in the various disciplines of immunology, and promoting understanding of immunologic issues in the general public. The AAI has 14 standing committees involving more than 100 members. These committees include Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, Education, Liaison Committee with Research Granting Agencies, Public Affairs, Publications, and Veterinary Immunology. Some of the activities carried out by the committees include planning the AAI’s annual clinical meeting; sponsoring the summer “Course in Advanced Immunology”; selecting and presenting special awards; promoting public education; and recruiting new members and assessing the needs of existing members including women and minority scientists. The AAI committees work to fulfill the Association’s objectives including promoting science education and assisting its members in science outreach activities; establishing liaisons with appropriate granting agencies and discussing issues related to immunology grants; and generating and developing programs that assure equal treatment of all professional immunologists on the basis of merit. The AAI is also committed to developing a consistent association position on policy issues that are relevant to the field of immunology; monitoring existing and pending legislation and the implementation of public laws and actions by federal executive departments as reflected in proposed and existing regulations and their implementation; devising ways to educate those in government and the general public about the field of immunology; taking responsibility for all issues relating to experimental and domestic animals; and coordinating activities with other organizations whose goals relate to veterinary immunology. The American Association of Immunologists also hosts and/or joins with other professional scientific societies in holding an annual clinical meeting; periodically hosts an international congress; and provides a variety of professional publications including the monthly “Journal of Immunology.”