Camp Twin Lakes

600 Means Street
Atlanta, GA


About Camp Twin Lakes

The Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) is a non-profit organization that provides camp experiences to thousands of children with serious illnesses, disabilities and challenges each year. They work with over 40 different special needs organizations and collaborate with them to create customized programs that teach campers to overcome obstacles and grow in their confidence and capabilities. Camp Twin Lakes was developed to provide a place where special camping programs could gather to fulfill their specific program needs and where their campers could enjoy the therapeutic benefits of purposeful recreational activities and nature. Each week during the summer months, a new group of campers comes to Camp Twin Lakes. Each camp program has its own camp name and special identity. Some campers within each program, for instance, are battling cancer, others sickle cell anemia or heart disease, while others experience the challenges related to muscular dystrophy or of abuse or neglect. Each camp attending Camp Twin Lakes recruits campers, provides volunteers and its own counselors and medical staff for their groups while at Camp. Camp Twin Lakes works in partnership with these organizations providing specialized facilities, adaptive programming, specially-trained activities staff, medical staff supervision, food service, and 70% of their cost per person.