Cancer Care, Inc.

275 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY


About Cancer Care, Inc.

The Cancer Care Inc. (CCI) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to individuals affected by cancer. Cancer refers to a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cellular growth that may invade surrounding tissues and spread (metastasize) to other bodily tissues or organs. The different forms of cancer may be classified based upon the organ and cell type involved, the nature of the malignancy, and the disease’s clinical course. Established in 1944, Cancer Care Inc. is committed to offering counseling and emotional support with professional oncology social workers through private consultations, support groups, or one-on-one phone conferences; providing understandable information about cancer; and offering information concerning teleconferencing educational programs, seminars, and telephone support groups. Cancer Care also provides referrals to local groups, organizations, and agencies that may provide affected individuals with transportation to and from treatment, childcare, hospice care, or financial assistance. In addition to its general services, Cancer Care also conducts several programs that help address the special needs of people whose cancer may be affected by their age, other illnesses, or other factors. Such programs include the Helping Children Cope Program, the Adolescent Outreach Program, the Cancer Survivors Program, the African-American Outreach Program, the Cancer Pain Initiative, the AIDS/HIV Patients with Cancer Program, and more. Cancer Care also publishes a regular newsletter, offers information sheets that help people with cancer and their families cope with day-to-day problems, has a cancer care library with numerous articles that may be of interest to affected individuals, and maintains a web site on the Internet. The organization’s web site provides information on online support groups, online assistance for understanding and locating clinical trials, access to its information sheets and cancer care library, and information on support groups, workshops, and seminars.