Center For Loss In Multiple Birth, Inc.

P.O. Box 91377
Anchorage, AK


About Center For Loss In Multiple Birth, Inc.

The Center for Loss in Multiple Birth, Inc. (CLIMB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit voluntary peer support organization dedicated to parents who have experienced loss of one or more of their twins or higher multiples during pregnancy, at birth, in infancy, or in childhood. Established in 1987, it consists of 700 family members in the US, Canada, and beyond. The organization publishes a quarterly networking newsletter with personal stories and updates, features, and resource information. It also maintains an active parent contact list, and a web site in progress with information and support on the various types and aspects of loss in multiple births. The center provides materials and support for those pregnant with twins or higher multiples with one or more having a lethal condition or having already dies in-utero; and for those involved in some aspect of selective reduction. It assists other individuals and organizations in supporting those with short and long term impacts of loss in multiple births.