Disability Law Center (Utah)

About Disability Law Center (Utah)

The Disability Law Center (Utah) is a private, non-profit organization designated by the Governor to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities in Utah. Established in 1978, the Disability Law Center (DLC) is dedicated to enforcing and strengthening the laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities in Utah through legal advocacy. The DLC focuses on three long-term goals: i.e., that people with disabilities will be free from abuse and neglect, will receive appropriate services, and will be free from discrimination. To help fulfill its goals, the Disability Law Center provides information and referral services, offers information on disability law and individuals’ rights, investigates abuse and neglect in residential facilities, and engages in mediation and negotiation. The DLC also provides presentations and workshops, representation in administrative hearings and court proceedings, and self-advocacy support and training. The agency’s priorities include decreasing the abuse and neglect of individuals with disabilities, ensuring physical and programmatic accessibility, protecting against disability-based discrimination, and ensuring access to assistive technology devices and services. Additional priorities include ensuring appropriate vocational rehabilitation and independent living services, access to appropriate special education services, fair housing, and access to non-institutional community services, assistance to beneficiaries of Social Security who are attempting to return to the work force. The Disability Law Center is also dedicated to increasing advocacy services to underserve and minority communities. The DLC provides an informational brochure series describing its various services, audiovisual aids, Spanish language materials, and a regular newsletter entitled “The Advocate.” In addition, the Disability Law Center has a web site on the Internet.