Hepatitis Foundation International

504 Blick Drive
Silver Spring, MD


About Hepatitis Foundation International

The Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI) is a voluntary, non-profit membership organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the worldwide problem of viral hepatitis and educating the public and health care providers about its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Viral hepatitis is inflammatory liver disease caused by viral infection. There are several different forms of viral hepatitis that may be caused by different viruses. These include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E. Depending upon the specific form of the disease and other factors, viral hepatitis may cause liver cell damage, associated scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), and, in some cases, an increased risk of liver cancer. In some cases, affected individuals may have no apparent symptoms. Hepatitis Foundation International was established in 1995 and currently consists of approximately 35,000 members. The foundation focuses exclusively on bringing viral hepatitis under control by supporting research to find cures; providing educational programs and materials to inform health professionals, affected individuals, family members, and the public concerning new diagnostic and treatment methods; and offering a support network for those who are affected by viral hepatitis. Hepatitis Foundation International also engages in patient advocacy and lobbying, provides appropriate referrals, and has a registry. The foundation offers a wide range of educational materials including brochures; posters, information sheets, booklets, and a primer for teachers concerning hepatitis B and substance abuse prevention, a coloring book for children and a regular newsletter entitled “Hepatitis Alert.”

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