Hospice Foundation of America

1710 Rhode Island Ave,
Washington, DC


About Hospice Foundation of America

The Hospice Foundation of America is a non-profit public charity whose sole mission is to promote the hospice concept of care. Chartered in 1982, the foundation acts as an advocate for the hospice concept of care by conducting programs of public education and information regarding hospice care; offering professional development and educational opportunities to hospice and other healthcare workers; sponsoring research on ethical issues; participating in public policy initiatives; providing technical assistance to organizations; and serving as a philanthropic presence within the national hospice community. Hospice is a concept of caring that provides comfort and support to people in the final stages of a terminal illness and to their families. The Hospice Foundation of America provides a web site on the Internet that explains the purpose of and services provided by hospice care; offers links to other hospice sites that enable online users to locate hospices in their area; discusses upcoming foundation programs; includes an area entitled “Hospice Stories”; and provides dynamic links to additional sources of hospice information, bereavement support, nonprofit sites, and other sources of information, services, and support on the Internet. The web site also offers a caregivers corner.