International Cystinuria Foundation

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Fort Collins, CO


About International Cystinuria Foundation

The International Cystinuria Foundation (ICF) is a non-profit, voluntary organization whose mission is to strengthen, educate, and further the general well being of the cystinuric community. ICF strives to support a growing and strong group of patients, families, professionals, and friends by providing educational and health related resources to affected individuals worldwide. ICF also aims to promote knowledge of cystinuria within the research and medical communities in order to reduce kidney destruction, renal impairment, and subsequent health, vocational, and economic impact. Cystinuria is an inherited metabolic disorder characterized by the abnormal movement (transport) in the intestines and kidneys, of certain organic chemical compounds (amino acids). These include cystine, lysine, arginine, and ornithine. Excessive amounts of undissolved cystine in the urine (cystinuria) cause the formation of stones (calculi) in the kidney, bladder, and/or ureter.

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