Janine Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation

12600 Bissonnet
Houston, TX


About Janine Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation

The Janine Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation (JSOF) is a leading non-profit education and outreach organization. JSOF works to educate the public, health care practioners, media and government agencies on the health issues of sarcoidosis, and a need for public awareness and educational resources. Sarcoidosis is characterized by the abnormal formation of inflammatory masses or nodules (granulomas) consisting of granular white blood cells (modified macrophages or epithelioid cells) in certain organs of the body. Because such granuloma formation is thought to affect the normal structure and functions of the affected organ(s), associated symptoms vary, depending upon the specific organ(s) involved and the degree of such involvement. The symptoms and physical findings associated with sarcoidosis may reflect the involvement of a single organ system or multisystem disease.

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