Little People of America, Inc.

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Tustin, CA


About Little People of America, Inc.

The Little People of America (LPA) is a voluntary, non-profit, self-help organization dedicated to providing support and information to people of short stature, their families, and healthcare professionals. Short stature is generally caused by one of the more than 200 medical conditions known as dwarfism. Established in 1957, the organization provides support and guidance to affected individuals of all ages; offers medical, environmental, educational, vocational, and parental guidance; and networks with national and international growth-related and genetic support groups. The organization’s Parents Group gives parents of short-stature individuals the opportunity to exchange ideas about healthcare, home and school adaptation, laws that affect their children, and everyday community experiences. Little People of America also offers information on employment, education, disability rights, adoption of short-stature children, medical issues, clothing, adaptive devices, and parenting tips. In addition, the organization conducts seminars and provides educational scholarships and medical assistance grants. Little People of America provides appropriate referrals, offers information to local physicians who are working with short-stature individuals for the first time, and provides a variety of educational and support materials such as brochures and regular newsletters.