MedicAlert Foundation International

2323 Colorado Avenue
Turlock, CA


About MedicAlert Foundation International

The MedicAlert Foundation, a non-profit organization, is an international emergency medical information service dedicated to alerting emergency first responders to an individual’s essential medical facts (e.g., certain medical conditions, allergic reactions, use of certain medications, etc.) should he or she be unable to speak during a medical emergency. Established in 1956, the MedicAlert Foundation provides the Medic Alert emblem (international insignia of the medical profession with the words “MedicAlert”) on bracelets and neck chains to members enrolled in the program. On the reverse side, key medical facts are engraved with the member’s identification number and the phone number of the 24-hour-a-day Emergency Response Center. Emergency responders can call this number collect from any phone around the world and immediately receive the member’s computerized medical facts. Currently, approximately 2.6 million Americans are enrolled in the program and another 2.7 million wear the emblem worldwide.