National Fragile X Foundation

1615 Bonanza St
Walnut Creek, CA


About National Fragile X Foundation

The National Fragile X Foundation is a non-profit organization which unites the fragile X community to enrich lives through educational and emotional support, promote public and professional awareness, and advance research toward improved treatments and a cure for fragile X syndrome. Fragile X syndrome is an inherited defect of the X chromosome that can cause mental impairment, including retardation and autism. Established in 1984, the National Fragile X Foundation produces a variety of educational and support materials. These materials include a web site with over 1500 pages of information, a free handbook and brochure, a quarterly journal, pamphlets, and numerous books, videos and CDs. The NFXF also holds international conferences for families and professionals and provides grants for clinical and basic science research. In addition, the foundation maintains an 800 number to provide information, referrals and support. The NFXF is also the national organization for Fragile X – associated Tremor.

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