National Rosacea Society

4619 N. Ravenswood Ave.,
Suite 103
Chicago, IL, USA


About National Rosacea Society

The National Rosacea Society is a national non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to offering information and support to people with Acne Rosacea, a skin disorder characterized by flushing and skin eruptions on the face. The organization publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled “Rosacea Review,” which provides affected individuals with tips on proper care, new information on the disease and a forum for sharing experiences and insights. Other educational materials produced and disseminated by the Society include “Rosacea: What You Should Know,” a public service booklet on rosacea; “Rosacea Tripwires,” a chart of lifestyle factors that can trigger flare-ups in various individuals; a patient diary checklist to be used to help identify and avoid lifestyle factors that affect individual cases; a bibliography of books and articles on rosacea; articles on specific aspects of the disease; facts sheets; news releases; and brochures. The Society has instituted a physician referral service, which provides lists, by local zip code, of dermatologists who have informed the Society that they treat rosacea and are willing to accept new patients. The National Rosacea Society also administrates a research grants program to support scientific research on the causes and other key aspects of rosacea.