National Sarcoidosis Organization

About National Sarcoidosis Organization

The National Sarcoidosis Organization (NSO) is a Canadian based non-profit organization that raises funds for research, resources and awareness in Canada for sarcoidosis. NSO has an online website with up-to-date information and resources as well as offering a forum for support. Sarcoidosis is a multisystem disorder that is characterized by the abnormal formation of inflammatory masses or nodules (granulomas) consisting of certain granular white blood cells (modified macrophages or epithelioid cells) in certain organs of the body. The granulomas that are formed are thought to alter the normal structure of and, potentially, the normal functions of, the affected organ(s), causing symptoms associated with the particular body system(s) in question. In individuals with sarcoidosis, such granuloma formation most commonly affects the lungs. However, in many cases, the upper respiratory system, lymph nodes, skin, and/or eyes may be involved. In addition, in some cases, other organs may be affected, including the liver, bone marrow, spleen, musculoskeletal system, heart, salivary glands, and/or nervous system (i.e., central or peripheral nervous system).

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