New Directions for People with Disabilities, Inc.

5276 Hollister Avenue,
Santa Barbara, CA


About New Directions for People with Disabilities, Inc.

The New Directions for People with Disabilities, Inc., a non-profit organization established in 1985, is dedicated to providing local, national, and international travel and foreign exchange programs for people with disabilities. The purpose of the programs is to promote the understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of people with disabilities as important and contributing members of our society, as well as to promote a sense of accomplishment, belonging, and self-worth for participants by providing a wide range of challenging activities. Such activities include skiing, river rafting, biking tours, and hot air ballooning. The Tour Guides/Chaperones are special educational instructors, recreation therapists, residential counselors, nurses, nurses’ aides, vocational and independent living skill counselors, and other professional staff who have been trained to work with people with disabilities. Each year, New Directions serves over 350 children, adults, and seniors who have developmental, emotional, and physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, blindness, hearing impairment, and mental retardation. Participants live in state hospitals, board and care homes, residential treatment centers, and nursing homes. Most have not previously had a vacation, and many have not been away from their facilities or treatment centers for 10 or more years.