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About Project 8p Foundation

The Project 8p Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that means business.
Vision: Cure genetic brain disorders with novel technologies that are accessible to all.
Who we serve
8p heroes are individuals with a chromosome 8p disorder who have deleted and/or duplicated genes that affect their brains and hearts. They live with everyday challenges that most of us take for granted, like walking, talking, and just being healthy. We have identified over 500 people but research estimates indicate there are over 500,000 all over the world.
Our Community: 8p heroes, caregivers, families, providers, therapists, clinicians, researchers, funders, investors, sponsors, industry partners, and general supporters.
Our disorder knows no differences.
Our families are all over the world from small rural towns of varying socioeconomic statuses, racial and religious backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, ages, gender, sexual orientation, and diverse lifestyles and experiences. Diversity benefits us with new perspectives at all levels of the organization. We are socially responsible as access to Project 8p’s initiatives are for our entire community and free from bias. Our organization will be representative of the diverse population we serve. We will engage in partnerships that align with our social commitment and core values.
Our why
Having an 8p diagnosis was a black hole. 8p heroes deserve our energy for life-changing treatments.
Mission: to empower a unified community for chromosome 8p heroes for a meaningful life today while accelerating treatments for tomorrow.