Rubinstein-Taybi Parent Group

158 S Hassett Cir
Mesa, AZ


About Rubinstein-Taybi Parent Group

The Rubinstein-Taybi Parent Group (RTPG) is a voluntary, non-profit, self-help organization that is dedicated to providing information, assistance, and support to parents, healthcare professionals, and others who care for children with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome (RTS). Established in 1984, the Rubinstein-Taybi Parent Group provides a list of families affected by this disorder for the purpose of mutual support and information exchange. In addition, the group works with individuals, families, and various organizations around the world to help them start RTS support groups; and promotes and supports research on RTS. The organization provides a variety of educational and support materials, including a directory, a periodic newsletter, brochures, and pamphlets. The group also informs members about research being conducted on Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome and timely journal articles published in the peer-evaluated medical literature.

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