SANE Australia

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About SANE Australia

The SANE Australia is a national, voluntary organization dedicated to improving the well being of Australians affected by mental illness. Established in 1986, the organization is committed to promoting and conducting research, developing innovative resources for affected individuals and families, and campaigning for improved awareness, attitudes, and services. SANE Australia works to fulfill its mission and objectives by offering an information and referral help line for Australian callers who are concerned about mental illness; conducting research into the effects of mental illness; promoting public awareness through media campaigns, sponsorships, and other activities; and having an informational network of over 100 community organizations across Australia that are dedicated to working with people affected by mental illness. The organization also develops a wide range of print and multimedia resources that explain mental illness and related issues in understandable language, including fact sheets, booklets, educational software, videotapes, audio tapes, a magazine entitled “SANE News,” and a series entitled “SANE Blueprints” that focuses on helping individuals affected by mental illness live in the community.