Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation, Inc.

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Bethesda, MD


About Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation, Inc.

The Sj�gren�s Syndrome Foundation is an international, non-profit organization founded in 1983 to serve the needs of people affected by Sj�gren�s syndrome. Sj�gren�s syndrome, a disorder of unknown cause, is characterized by deficient moisture production of the mucous-secreting glands, particularly the tear ducts of the eyes (lacrimal) and the salivary glands of the mouth. Primarily affecting middle-aged women, it is thought to be due to an abnormal autoimmune response. The mission of the foundation is to support and educate individuals affected by Sj�gren�s syndrome and their families; educate healthcare professionals and the general public about the disorder; and stimulate interest in research toward improved treatments and an eventual cure. In addition, the Sj�gren�s Syndrome Foundation provides referrals to physicians, local chapters, and to support groups. The foundation offers postgraduate and student fellowships, and conducts comprehensive symposia on Sj�gren�s syndrome. Regional chapters and support groups conduct smaller regional and local gatherings. The Sj�gren�s Syndrome Foundation produces an extensive array of educational and support materials.

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