Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer, Inc.

P.O. Box 53
Locust Valley, NY

About Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer, Inc.

The Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) is a patient-directed, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the broad emotional, physical, and humanistic needs of oral, head, and neck cancer patients. Founded in 1991 by an oral cancer survivor, the organization produces educational materials including “News from SPOHNC,” a newsletter that is published eight times each year. SPOHNC distributes newsletters and articles of interest to survivors and newly diagnosed patients across the US and abroad. They have published three books that are focused on important aspects of oral and head/neck cancers — “Eat Well, Stay Nourished, a Recipe and Resource Guide for Coping with Eating Challenges,””We Have Walked In Your Shoes: A Guide to Living with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer.” and “Meeting the Challenges of Oral and Head and Neck Cancer, A Survivor�s Guide.” SPOHNC encourages and promotes increased scientific clinical research and development in the improvement of quality of life for individuals affected by oral and head and neck cancer. SPOHNC also provides assistance, guidelines and materials to individuals, and/or healthcare professionals who are interested in starting new support groups (chapters) for oral and head and neck cancer survivors.There are currently 125 chapters throughout the United States and one in Canada. SPOHNC also offers its National Survivor Volunteer Network whereby patients are matched with survivors of the same diagnosis and treatments. Through its Outreach Program, many diagnosed with this disease, their caregivers and families will have the tools and knowledge to go forward throughout their cancer journey and beyond.