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Jul. 14, 2021


Policy Matters: One Dad’s Journey

Posted by Valaree DonFrancesco

On the show today, Nick Kirchhof, a volunteer state ambassador in Colorado and member of the newly established Policy Steering Committee for NORD’s Rare Action Network. Nick and his wife were welcomed into the club no one asks to join when their daughter Hayden was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition known as Cystinosis. In navigating these new waters, they found NORD and the Cystinosis Research Foundation, which offered up much-needed peer support and resources. Hayden’s future is bright these days, and Scott has channeled his Soccer Coach instincts with his Father’s lobbying skills into becoming an outspoken patient advocate and storyteller at the legislative level. Now he is paying it forward with many others who are part of NORD’s Rare Action Network. Policy is the end game because that is what unites the rare community with systemic changes that can make all of our lives better en masse. Enjoy our conversation.

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