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Sep. 29, 2021


Rare Cancer Day: An Interview With Dan “Dry Dock” Shockley

Posted by Valaree DonFrancesco

In celebration and recognition of Rare Cancer Day, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan “Dry Dock” Shockley. Dan is a retired Navy, Operation Desert Storm; Enduring and Iraqi Freedom veteran and hereditary colon cancer warrior. After his initial colonoscopy, he was recommended for a genetic panel, passed along to specialists, was diagnosed and treated (surgically) for AFAP/hereditary colon cancer all within a two-month span. Since then, Dan has worked alongside leading researchers/clinicians in the field to provide a patient’s perspective as well as raise awareness for rare cancers, destigmatize ostomy bags, and lead a high quality of life as someone living with this condition. In this episode, we explore the positive impact that having access to a quick diagnosis, trained physicians, and ongoing treatment/testing can have on rare cancers. NORDPod is the official podcast of the National Organization for Rare Disorders. For more information visit

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