Cleveland Clinic Center for Rare Diseases

Located in:
  • Florida
  • Ohio

Director(s): Julie Kaplan, MD, Daniel Sullivan, MD

Contact information

Cleveland Clinic National Consultation Service

Serves children and adults
This is the preferred number for making an appointment. May require a referral from a doctor.


Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare

Serves children and adults
Please visit this website to find out more information about the CPGH. May require a referral from a doctor.


Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center: Rare Cancers and Blood Diseases

Cancer Answer Line: 866-223-8100

NORD Center of Excellence Badge

Financial Assistance Information:

  • Cleveland Clinic (Ohio)Financial Assistance

    855.831.1284 Visit website
  • Cleveland Clinic (Florida)Financial Assistance

    Weston Hospital: 954.689.5610 option 2; Martin Health: 772.223.5680; Indian River: 772.563.4774 Visit website